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Intermediate Trading Strategies

In this section, you will learn the different types of technical indicators and trading strategies for swing trade. You can also check out Stock Trading for Beginners and Advanced Trading Strategies.


Uptrends Downtrends and Trend Lines - Learn what a trend is and how to draw trend lines on a stock charts. Trends are important pattern when you trade trending stocks.


Head and Shoulders Pattern - Head and Shoulders is a critical stock pattern that you can use to your advantage. It is a negative signal and when you see this pattern, you should consider selling a stock that you are currently holding. There is an inverse head and shoulders pattern which is bullish and you can use it to find buy setups. Learn these stocks patterns and how they work in this article.


Cycle Trading Strategy - Economy run in cycle and many stocks trade in cycles. Learn how to recognize stocks that are trading in cycles in different time frames and make trades when the cycle begins.


Bullish Engulfing Pattern - Bullish Engulfing is one of my favorite candlestick patterns. It is a strong bullish reversal pattern, learn how to use it.


Bearish Engulfing Pattern - Bearish Engulfing is the exact opposite pattern of Bullish Engulfing. It is a strong bearish reversal pattern.


Doji Pattern - Doji is a reversal candlestick pattern. When a doji occurs an uptrend, it is a bearish signal. When a doji pattern occur on a downtrend, it is a positive signal.


How To Trade Triangle Patterns - Triangle pattern is a cool pattern for recognizing bullish and bearish stocks. Often, the trend is so strong that good profits can be made in a short period of time.


How To Trade MACD Crossover - MACD is a popular technical indicator that are being used by professional and retail traders since the 1980's. Learn how MACD works and how to trade the MACD Crossover stocks.


How To Trade Breakout Stocks - Stocks breakout from a consolidation area could be very profitable as they tend to up steadily. You can make some good profit riding the trend after a break out occur.


How To Trade Oversold Stocks - Oversold stocks are the stocks that have been beaten down so much that they produce cheap bargains for short term trading. Use technical indicators like RSI and Stochastic to find oversold stocks that are about to go up and jump on the trend early.