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Stochastic Screener

Stochastic is a powerful technical indicator that traders use to find trade setups. When the Stochastic Crossover, it generates a bullish signl. When the Stochastic cross down, it generates a negative signal. Our Stochastic Stock Screener will help you find these kind of setups. To learn more about the Stochastic indicator, check out How Stochastic Oscillator Work. Visit Stock Trading Software to see a list of recommended trading software that you can use.

Stochastic Stock Screener

* It may take a few seconds to a few minutes to scan, so please be patient *
* You can select the latest date or a date from the past *

Stochastic Crossover Screener
Value Between &

If you are looking to short stocks and want to see Stochastic cross down, check out our bearish stock screener.

Stochastic Screener App

You can download our stock screener app on your phone which has a build in stochastic screener.
Stochastic Screener for iPhone.
Stochastic Screener for android.