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Stock Trading for Beginners

In this section, you will learn the basics about stock trading online and swing trading. You will learn about stock charts, trends and technical analysis. For intermediate traders, check out Intermediate Trading Strategies and Advanced Trading Strategies.


How To Trade Stocks - Learn how the stock market works and how to trade stocks for profit.


How Technical Analysis Work - Learn why technical analysis for stock trading and how it works. Learn about the popular technical indicators use by stock traders.


How Candlestick Patterns Works - If you want to learn how to trade stocks successfully, you will need to get to know about the Candlestick Patterns. Learn the best 5 candlestick patterns for bullish setups and bearish setups.


How To Analyze A Stock - Learn how to analyze a stock and the different ways of trading and investing in stocks.


How To Paper Trade - Paper trading is a great way for stock market beginners to gain knowledge and practice trading skills without risking any money. You will learn how to paper trade and what tools to use.


Types of Technical Indicators - Learn about Trend-following technical indicators, Oscillators and a few other technical indicators.


How To Trade Simple Moving Average - Moving averages are a great way to trade trend following stocks, and you will learn exactly how moving averages work.


Support and Resistance - Support and resistance is a concept in technical analysis, which is essential to understand in order to master reading price trends and pattern charts.


How To Trade Channels - Channels can help you decide which stocks to trade and which to ignore. You will learn when to enter and exit a trade base on the trade channels.


How To Use Volume To Trade Stocks - Volume is an extremely important technical indicator that you should be aware of. Learn how to use volume during an uptrend and downtrend.


Stock Broker Commissions - Before you start trading, you need to open an account with an online stock broker. Learn about stock broker commissions and how they work.


Recommended Stock Broker

If you haven't open an account with a stock broker yet, I recommend Optionshouse.