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Swing Trading Strategies

Swing trading is a type of trading strategy where a trader holds a position from a few days to a few weeks. The goal of the swing trader is to profit from the fluctuation of stock price in the short term. Swing traders don't care about the fundamentals of the company that they are trading with such as income statements, balance sheets, competitions and so on. There are a few types of swing traders, the fundamental trader, momentum trader, and the technical trader.


In the short term, a company's fundamental doesn't change much. However, their stock prices do fluctuate especially when they are about to report earnings. A fundamental trader may buy a stock before the earnings expecting for good news, and then sell the stock after the earnings report. A trader looking to short a stock would sell the stock before earnings and buy it back later if he expects the company to report bad news.


A momentum trader is a trader who look for stocks with high volume in one direction, and trying to jump on board to make a profit.


A technical trader is a trader focuses on technical analysis and stock charts. They plot the stock prices into stock charts and try to predict the stock movement in the near future. There are many different trading strategies and technical indicators swing traders use to make a profit. Some of the most popular technical indicators include MACD, Moving Average, Stochastic Oscillator, Volume and more. Popular chart patterns include Candlestick, Bar Chart, and Point and Figure Chart. You don't need to learn and use all technical indicators and chart patterns to make a profit. Most of the trading strategies involves only using 3 or 4 technical indicators and one chart pattern. My personal favorite is Candlestick Pattern because it is very powerful and widely use by swing traders across the globe.


Swing Trading Strategies

Stock Trading For Beginners - In this section, you will learn about basic technical analysis and stock chart patterns.


Intermediate Trading Strategies - Learn about the important technical indicators and reversal patterns so that you can jump on a trend early.


Advanced Trading Strategies - Some advanced topics for swing trading online.


Scanning for stocks

Scanning for stocks quickly is important for swing trading. You don't want to spend 5 hours manually looking for stocks to trade.  Here are some guides to get you started. You can use our technical stock screener to find stocks quickly based on the different type of technical indicators.


Moving Average Crossover - Learn how the moving average stock screener works.
Stochastic Screener - Stochastic is a good technical indicator to find both oversold and overbought stock
RSI Screener - RSI is a popular technical indicator and this article will show you how to search for these patterns quickly.
Candlestick Scan - Candlestick is a charting technique that you should use to judge whether you should buy a stock or not. It is best use when you combine with other technical indicators. Our candlestick stock screener will allow you to search for these patterns quickly.


Another great software for stock scanning is MarketClub. Check out our reviews on MarketClub.


Swing Trading Books

To learn more about swing trading, check out these top 10 technical analysis books.