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Candlestick Scanner

Candlestick Scan

1. Select a date from the date list. (Default to the latest date)
Candlestick Scanner Date

2. Click on the Bullish Engulfing Pattern button
Candlestick Button

3. Scanned Result (It shows a list of symbols that are bullish engulfing on the date you selected)
Candlestick Scan Result

4. Review Stock Charts
Pick any symbol from the output and review their charts. In this example, we used the first symbol on the list, CBI, with its chart shown below. We can see from the chart that the latest date is positive, the previous date is negative, and the current date bar completely covers the previous date and, thus, a Bullish Engulfing Pattern is formed.

Candlestick Example

Candlestick Trading System

A good way to study technical analysis is to study the past and predict future performances. In order to do that, you need to have a trading system that's been backtested, and which works for you. To learn how to come up with a trading system with candlestick, do the following:

1. Select a date from the past, let's say 2008-07-22
candlestick success pattern

2. Click on the Bullish Engulfing Pattern button
Candlestick Button

3. Scanned Result (Note: It shows today's information for the bullish engulfing pattern symbols that were formed on 2008-07-22)
Candlestick Success Pattern

4. Focus on the symbols that return positive (symbols in green) outcome today - (Study the chart for each symbol and find patterns for the ones that return the most profit)
(Study the chart for each symbol and find patterns for the ones that return the most profit) For example: Since the symbol AOI returns a 7.23% increase, we definitely want to see how that chart looks like. The following chart shows the symbol AOI’s close at $3.87 and bullish engulfing pattern is formed on 2008-07-22. If you buy this stock on the next day's open at 3.89, today your profit will be up by 10.53%, which is only 3 days.
Candlestick Trading System

Candlestick Scanner

Please note that patterns do not work 100% of the time, or otherwise, everyone will be rich. Our tool only helps you to find the patterns you defined, but you have to make your own decisions based on the result. If you want to be successful in trading, you will have to study the charts and backtest your system everyday.
Go to Candlestick Scanner to start using candlestick scanner now.
To learn more about candlestick patterns, check out Candlestick Pattern

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Intermediate: Trading Strategy

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