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How I use MarketClub to find profitable stocks?

I’ve been using MarkteClub for a few years now and here are some tips on how to select stocks using their software. Smart Scan is the main feature that I use MarketClub for.

Step 1

Each day, I visit their site multiple times during trading hours and scan for new stocks using the Smart Scan feature. I look at the stocks with a score of +100 and study them.

Step 2

Sometimes, there could be dozens of stocks with a score of +100. I only focus on the stocks that are making moves meaning it has to go up at least 3-10% during that day.

Step 3

Then I pull up the chart for each stock and study them and decide which ones to buy. If the volume is good and the end of day chart looks bullish, I will consider buying the stocks. That is how I found my recent stocks MGM and MPG which are making big moves in the past few days and today.

I also use MarketClub at market close to get a list of stocks for the next trading day using the same condition. I pay special attention to the stocks that are trading higher or gap up on the next trading day.

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