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Stocks To Watch

Here are some stocks to watch today which is found in the top 50 stocks provided by MarketClub.

1. ACCL (ACCL Instant Analysis) - this stock is approaching resistance on the daily chart. If the stock doesn't break above $9.5, then it is time to sell. Otherwise, we could ride a nice break out on this stock.

2. SABA (SABA Instant Analysis) - this stock bounce back from the support resistance. However, the volume for this stock is only 500,000 per day, so proceed with caution.

3. AAPL (AAPL Instant Analysis) - Apple stock has been drop over 25% recently and I I believe it is time to load up some shares of this stock if you haven't. The stock is trading at $526 and the stop loss is set around $493.

These are 3 stocks that I have on my watchlist today. If you want to get more stock ideas or picks for swing trading or day trading, make sure you check out the top stocks today.

This is a list of top 50 stocks that are trending today, so you can buy some of these stocks or add them to your watchlist. You can find stock ideas for both buying and shorting purpose. I can't remember how many profitable stocks that I've found over the past few years with this list, and I highly recommended that you at least check it out.

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Free Stock Analysis

If you already have a stock list or if you just want to get a second opinion on a particular stock, then check out the free stock analysis. All you have to do is enter a stock symbol that you want to get the analysis and you will get an instant rating on the stock. You will also receive a comprehensive report on how the stock will perform in the near future. The stock analysis system is base on a sophisticated triangle technology offer by Ino. The system will give you a score on the stock from -100 (Very Bearish) to +100 (Very Bullish). You can then judge on your own whether to buy the stock or not.

Click here to analyze your stock.