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Top 3 Technical Analysis Books

There are many technical analysis books out there, and here are my favorite 3 technical analysis books.

1. High Probability Trading - This is a great book on technical analysis. It is written by Marcel Link. The book is well written and reveals many trading strategies that you can apply to your swing trading right away. This book offers a different approach to swing trading than any other technical analysis books I read. Here's what you learn in this book.

- The 10 consistent attributes of a successful trader, and how to make them work for you
- Strategies for controlling emotions in the heat of trading battle
- Technical analysis methods for identifying trends, breakouts, reversals, and more
- Market-tested signals for consistently improving the timing of entry and exit points
- How to "trade the news"--and understand when the market has already discounted it
- Learning how to get out of a bad trade before it can hurt you

2. Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets - This should be the first technical analysis books you read if you haven't read any other book on this topic yet. It is what I called the bible of technical analysis because it covers a comprehensive list of technical patterns and the psychology behind them. This book is written by John Murphy, a former technical analyst for CNBC and has over forty years of market experience. This is a must read technical analysis book for beginners. If you are already an experienced trader utilizing technical analysis and stock charts, then this book is not for you.

3. Stock Market Winners - This is an ebook, and it covers the following important swing trading topics.

1. How technical analysis work

2. Why technical analysis work

3. How to trade stocks

4. How candlestick patterns work

5. How to set stop loss the proper way

6. How to manage your positions

7. When to sell a stock to take profit or cut loss

8. Step by Step on how to build a trading system

Click here to get Stock Market Winners.


If you want to learn more about technical analysis, check out the best technical analysis books.