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The Definitive Guide to Swing Trading Stocks Review

We’ve read a lot of trading books and e-books in the past few years, and frankly over half of them were bad. Among the books that we found to be good, such as Trading For a Living, High Probability Trading, and Profitable Candlestick Trading, we’ve also come across a few e-books that were really helpful, especially "The Definitive Guide to Swing Trading Stock", written by Kevin Brown. Kevin has been swing trading for more than 15 years and has compiled his personal experiences in his e-book.

In his e-book, he reveals his own unique swing trading method that work for him, along with other traders. Most importantly, he explains the reasons why these strategies work. He also discusses other factors that are important for stock selection such as position size, stop-loss strategy, profit taking, portfolio balancing, trading statistics, and many more.

Why is Swing Trading a Preferred Approach?
Swing trading offers the best, easiest, and most efficient method to make money in the stock market. You don’t have to wait for long periods for your investments to move in any anticipated direction because more profits would be made if you traded the up and down swings vs. if you just bought and held the stock for a long period of time.

Swing trading is also more efficient than day trading because the cost of doing business is significantly lower due to commissions not being generated on a daily basis. Hence, swing trading stocks generates more money in less time and less cost than other trading methods. “The Definitive Guide to Swing Trading Stocks” provides details on how you can take optimize success in your swing trading career by learning how you can spot and take advantage of the price swings in the stock market.

How Will It Help You?
Whether you are a stock market beginner or an expert, you will learn a lot new ideas from this book. It helps you identify trending stocks so that you can maximize your portfolio and reduce risk. He does not just provide stock trading entry methods like most authors, but also includes details on how to use his favorite methods for the entire trading cycle.

Was it Worth our Money?
This E-book also comes with a
1. Trading calculator - a software program that calculates position size according to a range of money management models and project profits based on earning methods.
2. Trade planner - documents each trade that you execute
3. Trading simulator - generates multiple equity curves.
4. 8 other e-books
- Dynamic Analysis; 2 books in 1. A Basic Trading Course & Advanced Concepts & Tool
- 7 Habits of a Highly Successful Trader
- Trading the 10 O'clock Bulls
- The 1-2-3 Trading Signal
- The Penny Stock Trading System
- Ultimate Trading Systems
- Day Trading Mind
- The Pocket Book of Economic Indicators
- The E-Book of Technical Market Indicators

At a price that is now $97, this has to be the internet bargain of the year.

If you want to learn more about Kevin's swing trading strategy, you can visit his swing trading site where you can download some sample chapters.

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